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Preparing for a deposition in Germany


“Blinder Eifer ist Feurer ohne Licht.”  Translated into English this German expression means “Zeal without knowledge is a runaway horse,” or in other words, uninformed enthusiasm will only lead to disaster.  Anyone who is preparing to take their first deposition overseas would certainly be enthusiastic, but to make sure that enthusiasm leads to success there are some important things you will need to place in your bank of knowledge.


If your deposition is taking you to Germany, you will need to be well-planned and well-scheduled as there are many necessary preparations that you’ll need to make.  If certain specific protocols are not followed, your deposition may be considered unauthorized and lead to criminal penalties.  The following are some noteworthy highlights from the process:


  • All depositions taken in Germany must take place at the U.S. Consulate General in Frankfurt.
  • There is a mandatory non-refundable $1,283.00 scheduling fee due six weeks in advance of the deposition. Don’t reschedule!  That fee will be due each time you change the date.
  • A Consular Officer will need to administrate the oaths for a fee of $50.00 each.
  • A $309.00 per hour fee will be assessed for the first hour the administration of the oaths occurs, unless the consular needs to stay during the deposition, which will cost you $231.00 per hour.
  • Do you need the closing certificate of the depositions? That will cost you $415.00.
  • Bring your own power adapters for charging your iPad as no converters are available.
  • No photocopier or fax machine is available, so make sure to have all copies of your documents before you arrive.


These are just some of the more pertinent pieces of the process from the Consulate General.   Please click on the following link to the U.S. Embassy page to see a more in-depth list of requirements and for timelines of coordinating your deposition in Germany:




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This article was written by Michelle Cady-Cook.  She is the Director of Marketing and part owner of Cady Reporting (a WBENC company) that covers litigation support work in the State of Ohio.  She is a sustaining member of the Cleveland Association of Paralegals and is currently serving as Immediate Past Chair of the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association Green Initiative Committee and member of the CMBA Affiliate Working Committee.  Michelle chairs the Follow Up Committee for the National Network Reporting Company (NNRC). She has been officially involved in the legal community for over 10 years, and ‘unofficially’ involved for over 30.  Within the framework of Cady Reporting Services, she partners with locally owned court reporting firms across the country to continually improve the practice of litigation.

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