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What message do you want to convey by your clothing at a networking event?  You want to tell other people that you are a successful, savvy professional.


There are several tips that can help you convey the exact message that you want. Wear something that makes you feel confident. When you feel confident, it just shines through. Wear one piece that is a “conversation starter” that invites people to easily open up a conversation with you. Lastly, keep it simple.  Yu have your own great style, don’t over think it too much!


Wear something that makes you feel confident.


You definitely want to make a great appearance.  Maybe it’s that great new pair of shoes or that scarf you just ordered that makes your skin glow.  Whatever it is, you know that it rocks your outfit.  When you feel great, you exude confidence. Confidence makes the networking part so much easier.


Wear a “conversation starter.”


People immediately assess each other as soon as they get into a room.  Intimidated? Don’t be! Use it to your advantage.  When someone looks at you, have them notice one unique piece in your outfit, it can make you stand out in a good way. Whether it’s a scarf, brooch, necklace or another piece, it is best if it has its own story to tell and holds some sentimental meaning to you. Don’t be afraid to share the story, it helps people get to know you and opens up doors to conversations…and conversations are what networking is all about!


KISS – Keep It Simple Silly!


You know what pieces look and feel great when you put them on.  Just keep it simple. You don’t have to wear all of your favorite pieces at once. Black and white is always a classic, and then you can add something easy for a pop of color, or focus on your accessories. If you keep your outfit simple, like neutral colors, then other professionals can focus your confidence-boosting accessory. If you’re unsure about what pieces to choose, always err on the side of professional, not overly sexy or casual. Also, have a neat appearance, don’t look disheveled or disorganized.


What is the most important tip of all? Relax and wear your smile…you got this!


Article written by Michelle Cady-Cook.  She is the Director of Marketing and part owner of Cady Reporting (a WBENC company).  She is a sustaining member of the Cleveland Association of Paralegals, and is currently serving as Chair of the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association Green Initiative Committee and Chair of the Follow Up Committee for the National Network of Reporting Companies (NNRC). She has been officially involved in the legal community for over 10 years.  Within the framework of Cady Reporting Services, she partners with locally owned court reporting firms across the country to continually improve the practice of litigation.

Cady Reporting Services is located at 1468 W. 9th St. Cleveland, OH 44113.  Our court reporters and videographers personally serve the state of Ohio, and we daily schedule court reporters and other litigation support services through our partners in the NNRC.  The National Network of Reporting Companies is your personal connection to coverage wherever and whenever you need it.