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By scheduling videconferencing over a secure connection instead of Skype, you can ensure that this will not happen to you.  Skype is free, but the old adage, “you get what you pay for” applies to this service.  Ask yourself, do you really want to depose someone using the same platform that Ashleigh uses to chat with her BFF while grounded? Probably not.  Give us a call and let us give you the professional platform that you deserve for your videoconference.  We can connect you to anywhere in the world safely and securely.

Article about the hackers at the George Zimmerman trial on skypeBy using secure videoconferencing instead of Skype you can avoid embarrassing moments, and Tweets such as, “I can’t believe someone is testifying via Skype…”(@OmarRang) and making the judge very unhappy, leading to her ask counsel to use another way to bring in the witness.