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Many who are new to the arena of law wonder, what is videoconferencing?  Videoconferencing, also called video teleconferencing (VTC) is a method of taking a deposition when parties are in different locations.  Both parties are connected with high-tech sound and audio equipment.  Through today’s technology, we can connect more than just 2 parties, through “bridging” we can connect many parties together without anyone getting a security pat-down from the TSA.  For the deposition, a court reporter can be at basically any location to record the testimony with the agreement of all parties.  Although many services are technically free, they are usually highly insecure and sometimes very unreliable.  If you have any legal proceedings or depositions that need to be done via videoconferencing, a secure, monitored line of communication is always recommended.  Click here to see what happened during an extremely high-profile case IN the courtroom!  That was definitely embarrassing to counsel.  With the digital security breaches happening daily, it is very important to keep your client safe.

At Cady Reporting our famous scheduler, Lori Puchalski has connected parties from down the street to around the world.  We even took a deposition where Lori and the court reporter came in at 2:30 a.m. for a videoconference connected to the Philippines!  Lori works hard to find the closest and most convenient locations for all parties.  Not every firm has the scheduling power of Cady Reporting, especially when it comes to videoconferencing for depositions. Take advantage of the power of Cady to do the least work and get the best result – literally working smarter, not harder.

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This article was written by Michelle Cady-Cook.  She is the Director of Marketing and part owner of Cady Reporting (a WBENC company).  She is a sustaining member of the Cleveland Association of Paralegals and is currently serving as Chair of the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association Green Initiative Committee and Chair of the Follow Up Committee for the National Network of Reporting Companies (NNRC). She has been officially involved in the legal community for over 10 years.  Within the framework of Cady Reporting Services, she partners with locally owned court reporting firms across the country to continually improve the practice of litigation.

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