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No matter what school we attended or how long we had attended it, there are some things that we just don’t get right every time. Fortunately, these posts will not be examples of mistakes made in physics…


Bad grammar might not have consequences as physically serious as bad physics, but nevertheless, it can make you seem like you don’t know which way the apple falls.

Hey, are you still their? No, I’m over they’re. Do those sentences grind your nerves a little? They should. There, their and they’re are not interchangeable. The information below will clarify the uses of each of these so that your writing is professional and pristine.

There – place
Their – possession
They’re – posse (a group of words that hangs out together and makes a cool contraction)


There: “No, the doctor was not there when the baby was born.”
Their: “It was their car that caused the accident.”
They’re: “They’re not going to settle, so please prepare for trial.”

It is absolutely necessary for court reporters to use the correct grammar. If they did not, a transcript would basically be unusable. What if a court reporter’s transcript read something like this: “Their going to file a medical malpractice lawsuit. They’re are many exhibits to copy and there not going to happy about it.” Obviously, that kind of product from a court reporter is unacceptable. You want a transcript that is grammatically correct each time.  The very testimony of a transcript can be changed by using bad grammar.

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