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Hi, I’m Elaine!  I am a certified RPR, which means I can write over 225 words per minute.

 I can quickly transcribe a transcript with the highest level of accuracy,

(and I cook!)


I’ve used my 35 years of experience as a Registered Professional Reporter to transcribe a considerable variety of court proceedings. My favorite types of cases to handle are medical cases, as they hold the most interest to me.


Over the years I have been actively participating in the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) community and have also enjoyed serving as treasurer of the Utah Court Reporters Association.


I get out of bed smiling each morning because I know I’ll be honing my considerable reporting skills and achieving my goal of producing quality transcripts by being a guardian of the spoken and written word. This is more than a job to me. This is a constant learning experience and a chance to create a flawless product for the clients of our court reporting firm.


When I’m not taking a deposition, I like to cook when time allows. I love spending time with family and friends and particularly love playing with my 5-year-old grandson and taking him out on fun excursions with Grammy.


My husband, John, and I enjoy our winter trips to some really beautiful places, like Costa Rica and Gahana. We enjoy checking out historical sites and museums. When I’m not traveling or working on depositions, I love putzing around in my flower and vegetable gardens or putting in many miles weekly walking with Molly, my pitty-boxer mix. She is my exercise plan!  Our favorite walk is to Lake Erie to watch the sunsets. It’s so beautiful! I always like to catch a great concert or play, hike the trails in the Metroparks or take a day trip to explore Cleveland and surrounding counties.

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