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Whether you are an aspiring lawyer or part of an established law firm, the clear way to success can be shrouded.  For some, it can seem inaccessible.  If that is you, rest assured you aren’t alone.  Even lawyers who can be counted among the most successful in the world have had to overcome similar obstacles and feelings.  Looking to their stories can help and inspire you to overcome your own challenges and clear your path to success.

Judy Sheindlin has had what some would call a rocky personal life, but through it all, she has maintained her sharp wit, sense of purpose and overall her ratings.

No matter what you do in life, how well you perform, or how committed you are to succeeding, you will run into roadblocks. What we can take away from Judge Judy is that if you get back up and keep going, you’ll be ok. You are not a failure. The jury is out until your last breath., so make the most of the time ahead of you.

If Judge Judy inspires you, here is a short story about a moment in her life where she was inspired by someone else. If you would like to share a moment that has inspired you, please share it!


This article was written by Michelle Cady-Cook.  She is the Director of Marketing and part owner of Cady Reporting, a court reporting firm in Cleveland, Ohio.  Although not a court reporter herself, she is a sustaining member of the Cleveland Association of Paralegals and is currently serving on the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association Green Initiative Committee, the Affiliate Committee, and is Chair of the Follow-Up Committee for the National Network of Reporting Companies (NNRC). She has been officially involved in court reporting and in the legal community for over 10 years.  Within the framework of Cady Court Reporting Services, she partners with locally owned court reporting firms across the country to continually improve the practice of litigation.

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