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Dear Reader,

Have you ever been reading a legal document, transcript, exhibit, or other law-related material and you come across a word that you don’t quite remember what it means? Maybe in one of our guest blog posts, you see a word and would like to see it in layman’s terms to be able to explain it to your client. If you are from a court reporting firm or an individual court reporter, we will be adding the steno briefs to help you when you are on the job. Chuck Cady, owner of Cady Reporting has been the 3-time winner and retiree of the Ohio Speed Cup Contest. He also teaches the seminar, “Train Your Brain to Brief on the Fly”. It shows reporters how to take better, faster steno notes while on the job.

If there is a word that you would like to have added to the dictionary, feel free to contact me through our online chat function and I will be happy to do so!

Thank you for taking the time to check out our blog!

Michelle Cady-Cook


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