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Why are volunteering and sponsorship important to the Cady Family? We are honored to be included among the top litigation support providers in the country. We appreciate the opportunity that we have had to grow in this community. During our time period of becoming a pillar of the court reporting community in Ohio, we appreciate all of the resources we have at our disposal. We have gained knowledge and insight from the CMBA, the NNRC and long-time veterans of the industry just to name a few. When someone gives you a precious gift, you want to give back to others so that they can experience the same. That is why volunteering is so important to us. We volunteer on an ongoing basis with the CMBA so that the youth of Cleveland can have an even better chance at a bright future. We volunteer with the NNRC so that we can continually foster advancement in our own industry which helps litigators do their job even better. We are happy to give of our time and resources so that in small ways we can repay what we have been given.