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No matter what school we attended, or how long we attended it, there are some things that we just don’t get right.  Fortunately, these posts will not be examples of mistakes made in physics…


Bad grammar might not have consequences as physically serious as bad physics but nevertheless, it can make you seem like you don’t know which way the apple falls.

Are you effected? No. Do you have an affect? No.  These are 2 words that are continually baffling to most people.  Here is the clearest way I have found to remember them:

Effect=Noun (Her testimony had an emotional effect on me.)

Affect=Verb (Her testimony affected me emotionally.)

As a court reporter, how can you remember that for your transcript?  At Quick and Dirty tips a pneumonic device is recommended:

RAVENR Affect=Verb Effect=Noun

If you are an attorney or paralegal, your briefs, letters, and notes need to be accurate to reflect your level of professionalism.  if you are a court reporter, you need to know which word to put into the record to make an accurate and quality transcript for attorneys and clients.  If you don’t use these terms correctly, the effect of the testimony could be lost.  Obviously, a bad record would be unacceptable from a court reporting firm.  Everyone involved in a case needs a grammatically correct transcript of the proceedings.

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