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Dickie Scruggs may not be the person that you ever want to imitate your career after, we mean, like, ever.  He was convicted of bribing a federal judge, was disbarred and sent to prison.  We agree that part is not exactly a success story.  His real success comes after he was released from prison.  Oxford Magazine wrote an article on his life now, post-prison and scandal.

In late 2007 the FBI raided Scruggs’ office, he faced (and was ultimately convicted of) a federal judicial bribery charge.  Not only that, his addiction issues spilled out into the public light during it all.

Richard Scruggs has not had an easy road, himself being the largest obstacle at times.  But from the whole negative experience, he says he has learned so many things.  He also states,”I’m happier today than I have ever been before,” how is that possible?  Mr. Scruggs has left the terrible times as far behind in his mind as he can and focused on the future. But there is more than that. He let that difficult time lead him to a better place in his life.  One where he let his family in and started to give back to the community around him.

When you have undergone a difficult time, has it made you a better person? Perhaps put you in a better place? We would love for you to share on our Facebook page here. Dickie Scruggs shares one of his favorite quotes from Gone with the Wind:”Until you’ve lost your reputation, you never realize what a burden it was or what freedom really is.”  So no matter what you lose, keep your focus and let it drive you to a better place.

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