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Judge Lauren Moore is an outstanding member of the Cleveland legal community.  She is dedicated and passionate about raising Cleveland citizens to be their best.  Since having passed the bar in 1987, Judge Moore has served as a civil attorney and a public defender at the Legal Aid Society.  She also served as Chief Prosecutor for the City of Cleveland and as an Assistant Cuyahoga County Prosecutor.  In 2003 and election to the Cleveland Municipal Court fulfilled her ultimate goal.

As an active advocate of justice, Judge Moore has received many acknowledgments and awards.  Some of which being:

Judge Moore is key to the Mock Trial Competition each year. At Cady Reporting, we have had the unique privilege of volunteering with her for these competitions.  Judge Moore never hesitates to encourage, upbuild and support each student who walks through the doors of her court(class)room.  Beyond this competition, she also provides the same encouragement through the 3Rs program with the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Associaton.  

Judge Moore and Judge Groves also created the ‘Get on Track’ program at the Cleveland Municipal Court a number of years ago.  This is a special probation program that primarily helps young people with misdemeanors to get their GED or high school diplomas, and assists them with life skills.

Beyond even all of that, Judge Moore handles Drug Court, a specialized docket where qualifying offenders are required to enter a plea of “guilty” to a first-degree misdemeanor.  Sentencing is held pending successful completion of the program.  Judge Moore meets with these individuals and their families in a one-on-one setting and assists them through the program.  Once the defendant has successfully completed the Drug Court program, they pay a supervision fee, and their plea is vacated, the charge(s) dismissed and the case sealed or expunged.  With an over 90% success rate, the Drug Court program saves money and more importantly saves lives.

When Judge Moore isn’t busy being a stellar human she likes to play tennis, write and go the movies.  You can also find her reading her large collection of African American literature or spending time with her husband, Brian, who is a Supervisor in the Probation Department of Cleveland Municipal Court.