“The Ohio Power Siting Board has set a November public hearing on the proposal of the Lake Erie Energy Development Corp. to build a six-turbine wind farm eight to 10 miles offshore from Cleveland in 2019. Though just a demonstration project, the 20.7-megawatt farm would be the first fresh water facility of its kind in the nation and could lead to hundreds or even thousands of wind turbines in the lake.” (Plain Dealer file )

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The Green Initiative Committee of the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association has looked into this topic and invited various speakers to present on it.  The wind turbine project in Lake Erie has met some mixed reviews.  Bird enthusiasts are concerned over the environmental impact that the turbine project will have on their feathered friends.  They argue that this project is “ill-conceived” and poses a devastating threat to a region designated as a Globally Important Bird Area.  The other side contends that this is not the case and that a larger threat than wind turbines is climate change which these turbines will help reverse.  Caleb Gordon makes a strong case for this project in Lake Erie by saying, “During my eight years of studying wind farms, this is the lowest-risk project of any I’ve worked on.”  Two major birding groups have filed a lawsuit to block the building of a turbine off the shore of Lake Erie.  It will be interesting to see where the litigation leads.  No doubt, this wind turbine project is poised have environmental impacts, some for the good and some for the bad.  What do you think?

Michelle Cook and Chris Hanwell have served on the Green Initiative Committee (Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association) since its inception in 2011.  The committee works to promote environmental responsibility in the legal practice here in Cleveland, Ohio.  We bring awareness to law firms and court reporting firms and provide specific ways to become more environmentally friendly.  If you would like more information, or to join the committee click here.