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“I wanted to capture the steno culture – share its history – its future.  There’s an irony in the court reporting industry:  If a court reporter is doing their job well, they go virtually unnoticed.  The goal is to capture the record without becoming a part of it.  The irony – that very ability means that court reporting flies under the radar.  It’s not an industry that naturally self promotes.  You can see a teacher teaching – a trash collector collecting – you can easily define what they do.  That’s not the case with court reporters.  For the Record aims to define what they do and introduce the general population to this still-thriving occupation.”

Read more about For the Record, A documentary that turned heads at the SXSW Film Festival and the Red Rock Film Festival.  It was the official selection of the 2015 Sarasota Film Festival and also the official selection of HotDocs 2015.

Not only was this documentary a wonderful film, but it featured our own Chuck Cady of Cady Reporting! Well…featured is a strong word.  But as a long-time member of the NCRA and a respected, award-winning court reporter, he was asked to participate in administering the Guinness World Record competition for court reporting – the event featured in the film.  He’s the guy in the bright green shirt, you can see pictures of the event on our Facebook page.

It is definitely nice to put the spotlight on court reporters.  They are rarely noticed or heard, but their job is one that is indispensable. They work hard every day to provide 100% accurate transcripts to attorneys.  Litigation could not be done well without them…hug your court reporter today!