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Legal videography is a growing part of the court reporting industry and one of the most technologically-advanced aspects of the legal profession. Today’s top reporting companies now routinely offer a high-tech option for video documentation of depositions and other services. What distinguishes top videography services from others is their ability to offer state-of-the-art integration of their digital video with transcripts of depositions and other records.

For a successful deposition your court reporting firm will offer synchronized legal video documents as well as video streaming for remote tele-conferences. Legal videography used to be a fringe service and an afterthought for many law firms until recent years.

Today is an integral part of winning a case or preparing for a case in which attorneys are required to travel for deposing their witnesses. With the advent of online video banks, online document storage and remote live streaming, today’s legal videographers are fast becoming central technological components in all court reporting firms.