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The topics covered in this section of the CLE seminar will be presented by an entertaining variety of speakers.

Attorney Sharon Dobbins Alberson presents Ethics and Relationships Viewed through Ohio Professional Code of Conduct:   The ethical role of a lawyer is more complex than simply following subscribed rules.  The rules must be applied within the context of various relationships: client, colleagues, friends, family, and self.  How does an attorney take on the responsibility of seeking justice for his or her clients while maintaining his or her relationships especially within the context of complying with Ohio’s Rules of Professional Responsibility which governs all Ohio attorneys?

Judge Joyce Kimbler presents The Drug Addicted and Mentally Ill Offender, Common Pleas Courts, and Specialized Dockets.  Ohio has many courts that are operating specialized dockets which are certified by the Ohio Supreme Court’s Commission on Specialized Dockets. Judge Joyce Kimbler is currently presiding over two such dockets. One deals with drug-addicted defendants and the other deals with defendants who have certain diagnosed mental illnesses. Judge Kimbler will discuss the operation of these dockets, how they can benefit the defendants assigned to them, and what attorneys should know about the operations of specialized dockets. This section is designed to improve the professionalism of the attorneys by informing them on the operation of specialized dockets and how they can help their clients by understanding and interacting with court staff who are operating these dockets.

Retired Judge James L. Kimbler will lead a discussion based on several problems concerning the role of the advocate and Rules 3.1, 3.3, 3.4, and 3.5 of Ohio’s Rules of Professional Responsibility. The role of a committed advocate brings challenges that are not faced by attorneys who are not representing clients in a courtroom. Judge Kimbler will pose problems based on his own experience, the Rules of Professional Responsibility and decisions under those Rules.

Ms. Brianna Laybourn leads the interactive discussion on Professionalism: From Abraham Lincoln to the Lincoln Lawyer. The Ohio Supreme Court created the Commission on Professionalism to  “promote professionalism among attorneys admitted to practice law in Ohio, devoting its attention to the law as a profession and to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and honor among members of the profession.”  Too many lawyers, however, perceive themselves as caught in a conflict between maintaining those high standards and making a living. This is reflected in the often made observation that “the law used to be a profession and now it is a business.” Ms. Laybourn explores this perceived conflict by using two examples from popular culture. Abraham Lincoln and Mickey Haller, the protagonist in the movie The Lincoln Lawyer. By comparing and contrasting these two figures, Ms. Laybourne leads the discussion regarding the question, “What it means for lawyers to be professionals in today’s culture?”

In its entirety, this seminar is worth 4 hours of CLE (2 for professionalism and 2 for  ethics)