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Judge James L. Kimbler has been a trial judge for over 30 years. During that time he has
conducted over 550 jury trials and hundreds, if not thousands, of non-jury trials. He has
brought this experience to life in his book, Practical Tips for Trial Attorneys: A conversation
with Judge James Kimbler (Retired), published by Sigel Press in 2016. Judge Kimbler has
developed continuing legal education seminars based on his book. This three-hour seminar
focuses on practical advice, the kind of advice that only an experienced trial judge can give.
Attendees of this session will receive a free copy of Judge Kimbler’s book, and an outline
of his PowerPoint Presentation.
One of the most common objects in a trial is that evidence is not “relevant”. But what do
attorneys mean when they make that objection? How deep is their understanding of Ohio
Rules as to what is, and just as important, what isn’t relevant? Judge Kimbler brings his 25+
years as an Ohio trial judge to this seminar designed to improve the knowledge of trial lawyers
about relevancy. Judge Kimbler will examine Title IV of the Ohio Rules of Evidence by
presenting problems involving relevancy to seminar attendees. The attendees will discuss the
problems among themselves in small groups and then discuss the problems with Judge Kimbler.
Judge Kimbler will provide his own analysis. The attendees will go over 16 problems
in this 3 hour general continuing legal education seminar.