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Ohio Revised Code Title 27 sets forth the statutory requirements for three types of
alternative dispute resolution. R.C. § 2701.10 is the Ohio Revised Code Section that allows litigants to hire a “private judge” to preside over their dispute. R.C. Chapter 2701.10 contains the Uniform Mediation Act. R.C. Chapter 2711 is entitled Arbitration and contains statutes regarding arbitration agreements and their enforcement. Attorneys taking this segment of the course will learn about when and how litigants can hire a private judge; Where a private judge hears the case; what cases can be heard by a private judge and what cases cannot be heard by a private judge; how private judges are compensated; and where private judges hold hearings. The attorneys will also be given forms generated by the Ohio Supreme Court for the appointment of private judges and will review Ohio Gov. Jud. Rule VI which governs private judges. A 25-page course manual will be provided to all attorneys attending any one or more of the three-part course. This manual will contain all relevant sections of Chapter 27 regarding private judging, mediation, and arbitration; copies of cases interpreting such sections; and questions and answers regarding all three methods of alternative dispute resolution.