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The average attention span of a person, someone who will be sitting on a jury, is 2-6
minutes. Their best, most rapt, attention is only 1.5 minutes. This means from the very
beginning an attorney must have a compelling narrative theme to capture the jury’s
attention. Whoever has the most consistent and engaging theme will win the jury. This
three-hour course will address the facets of a coherent narrative that will sway the jury.
The jury is used to the narrative drama of film about lawyers. They expect stories of
intimacy and resonance because of films such as The Verdict through to the Lincoln
Lawyer. Using the structure of narrative, along with examples from film, the attorney will
learn how to create the most engaging narrative to persuade the jury.

This specialized course is taught by Brianna Laybourn, the managing partner of PDC. Her undergraduate degree is a Fine Arts Degree with a concentration in theater. Her first master’s degree, in theology and popular culture, is from Pasadena, California. Her second master’s degree was in Directing from the University of East London. She has both directed and has been a stage manager for stage productions. It’s this background that qualifies her to train winning attorneys.