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“A detached addition and unsecured light fixtures were just some of the problems before a massive leak sent water spewing into the interior last week. The contractor, however, said he felt he had to walk away from the job midway through because constant changes to the scope of work left the project unmanageable.” (original story by Fox8 News)

This “house of horrors” was a remodeling nightmare for one family in Cleveland, Ohio.  The remodel was supposed to make the house more accessible for a motorized wheelchair, instead, the changes have definitely not improved things.  The situation has led to a lawsuit being filed by the family for $175,000 to recover costs on work that was incomplete or shoddily done. ProCode Construction alleges that the family did not uphold their end of the contract and had too many change orders for the project to remain manageable.

Will there be a need for a court reporter for the depositions?  Will it go to trial?  We shall see… For the complete story, originally covered by Fox8 News, click here.