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We are bringing high-quality live CLEs to law firms!  We have teamed up with PDC, and we have invited Judge James Kimbler (ret.) and several of his associates to join our education initiative.  Judge Kimbler will be presenting seminars based on his book, Practical Tips for Trial Attorneys.  Other topics are also available such as the Ohio Rules of Evidence, the Ohio Rules of Civil and Criminal Procedure, Ethics and Professionalism, or any other customized topic that your firm would like.

Cleveland law firms are taking advantage of this informative and beneficial program.  Judge Kimbler has been involved in the legal community for over 30 years.  Retired from the bench, he now puts his time and effort into educating his peers and other professionals with his boundless energy.  Judge Kimbler is an accomplished author, he is also Medina’s first ‘private judge’. Other biographies will be coming up 🙂

Judge James Kimbler (retired)

Judge Joyce Kimbler

Brianna Leybourne

Patricia Smith

Cady Reporting Services based in Cleveland, Ohio is proud to offer CLE courses of such high quality and benefit to our clients. If you would like to schedule a CLE for your firm, please contact Michelle Cady-Cook at (216) 861.9270.