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Ready, set, GO!  Running a race – Most mornings probably feel like that for a majority of us.  Whether it’s a sprint or a marathon, getting an untimely spill on your shirt can make your whole day feel like you tripped over a hurdle at the Olympics.  Well shake that one off!  You’ve got this.  These handy tips for getting stains out, or greatly reducing their appearance can get your day back on track.

  1. Hand Sanitizer – ONLY use the non-moisturizing kind! The alcohol in these nifty little bottles breaks up stains so that they can be more easily blotted out.  They even help pen marks (ugh, the worst and easiest to get) to dissipate, and wash out better later.
  2. Artificial Sweetener – So you’re at lunch with a big client and your salad dressing gets a little rambunctious. Grab a handful of artificial sweetener packets and head to the restroom my friend.  The powder will absorb the oil and greatly fade the stain. Sprinkle and blot, sprinkle and blot, it might take a few tries, but your client will never know.
  3. Hairspray – Your toddler found a pen and then thought it would be fun to help decorate your ‘boring’ white shirt, of course, right before your deposition. Finding a bottle of hairspray could save you (and your child’s life.) Spray the hairspray onto the marks, wait 30 seconds and wipe with a damp cloth.  They should be completely gone, or at least very lightened up.

Our court reporters love these tips! We know how important it is to look professional and polished at any deposition. If you would like to schedule a court reporter who is professional and polished, simply click here. We personally cover the city of Cleveland, the surrounding area and the state of Ohio. Every day we schedule jobs for litigators around the country with court reporting firms that have measured up to our very high standards.


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