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Dressing appropriately for a deposition is more important than you might realize. On of my favorite quotes that I learned in college is,

“The way you dress is the way you are perceived and the way you are perceived is the way you will be treated.”

So, ask yourself, how do I I want to be treated?  Here are 3 tips for you to project your best self when you go to a deposition.

  • Conservative.  Dressing conservatively is recommended for a deposition.  This conveys that you are to be taken seriously. A person who dresses in a loud or overly trendy style can lead to the impression that they are of a young, or juvenile mindset.
  • Clean and pressed.  It would seem to most people that dressing cleanly is so obvious it’s beyond mentioning.  But even when you’ve checked your clothes for spots and stains before you leave, accidents can always happen.  Here are a few tricks to keep yourself looking great despite that coffee drip drop.  Looking neat and clean is also accomplished by not wearing a wrinkly piece of clothing.  many people don’t have time to iron in the morning.  Folding or hanging your clothes prevents unseemly wrinkles.  If you’re a “pile” type of person, choose to buy clothing items that are wrinkle resistant or wrinkle-free.
  • Confidence and comfort.  Regardless of what role you’re playing at a deposition, your clothing should be comfortable.  You may have to wear your outfit for many hours.  While being comfortable physically, wear something that makes you feel comfortable in your own skin as well.  Once people see how confident you are, your words and actions make a much larger impact.

So if you are the court reporter, attorney, videographer or witness, you can follow these 3 simple rules.  Your chances of having a good day and a great deposition increase ten fold.