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I was never really sure that LeBron could teach me anything but good free throwing, but I guess I was wrong. the trademarks that he has filed for have people asking, “How can they trademark THAT?”. The trademark law industry breaks down the fundamentals and explains a little more about it. You can read part of the article below, and for the whole article click here.

“It is time for the “How can they trademark THAT?” outrage. LBJ Trademarks (which does not refer to the 36th President of the United States, by the way), has added the mark “Nothing Is Given. Everything Is Earned.” as well as “The I Promise School Nothing Is Given. Everything Is Earned.” to its growing trademark portfolio, according to the applications just filed in the Trademark Office.

“How can they trademark that?” people are saying.

LBJ Trademarks, LLC is a business run by basketball impresario Lebron James.   Athletes are big on adopting inspirational quotes and promoting themselves, and others, through those words. Basketball coach John Calipari coined “Refuse To Lose” in the 1990s, and still owns a trademark registration for that mark. It made news at the time, with the New York Times reporting on July 19, 1996, that “commercial use of the slogan potentially is a multimillion-dollar business.” Sports Illustrated writer Michael Rosenberg went so far as to say that Calipari “didn’t invent the phrase, but he did swipe it when he coached at UMass, copyright it, and make a whole bunch of money off it,” in a March 17, 2010 story.”

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