Shadow, now named Justice, is a beautiful horse. He’s an 8-year-old quarter horse who endured more than any animal should endure.  At a vet’s exam last year, he was 300 pounds underweight, his formerly shiny black coat was lice-ridden and his skin scabbed.  Parts of his body were so frostbitten, they required medical attention many months after he was rescued, and some may possibly be amputated. Justice had been left outside and underfed by his owner who pleaded guilty to criminal negligence.

Today, Justice resides on a quiet, peaceful farm in Oregon at an equine sanctuary. He is also involved in a lawsuit filed in his new name in a county court, the horse seeks at least $100,000 for veterinary care, as well as damages “for pain and suffering,” to fund a trust that would stay with him no matter who is his caretaker.

Can a horse or any other animal for that matter claim rights?

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