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Last week Cady Reporting sponsored the Litigation Institute put on annually by the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association. The theme of this year’s Institute was, ‘Anatomy of a Jury Trial’.  Attorneys, each distinguished litigators, comprised several panels throughout the day.

Panel 1: Best Practices for Critical, Pre-Trial Preparation

  1. Panelists:
    1. Lisa Babish Forbes
    2. Christopher W. St. Marie
    3. Sarah Lewis
    4. Linda Weber

Panel 2: Jury Selection: Overview, Demonstration, Q&A

  1. Panelists:
    1. Eric Weiss
    2. Timothy Duff
    3. Adam Davis
    4. Eric Henry

Panel 3: Opening Statement: Overview, Demonstration, Q&A

  1. Panelists:
    1. Hon. Ashley Kilbane
    2. Hon. William McGinty
    3. Susan E. Peterson
    4. Aaron Evenchik

Panel 4: Lay Witness Examinations: Overview, Demonstration, Q&A

  1. Panelists:
    1. Kevin Kita
    2. Eric Levasseur
    3. Chelsea Mukula
    4. Gregory Thompson
    5. Ryan Winkler

These attorneys discussed all of the things that make an attorney best prepared for any trials they may have to participate in.  The panelists gave an in-depth perspective on each facet of trial. From pre-trial to opening statements and examinations, the participants in the audience loved the wisdom and experience of all the panel members.  To read more about the program, click here.