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Cady Reporting had the privilege of sponsoring the 2019 Litigation Institute last Friday at the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association. Several panels throughout the day presented information on the different phases of a trial.  Each panel had some great takeaways, especially as refreshers for attorneys who don’t get the show their skills at trial very often.  When speaking to the attorneys in attendance, it was widely acknowledged that trial experience is no longer a common component of practicing law.  Below you will find just a couple of the great points brought out during the presentations.

Panel 1: Best Practices for Critical, Pre-Trial Preparation

Panel 2: Jury Selection – Overview, Demonstration, and Q&A

  1. Jurors evaluate you during Voir Dire.
  2. Voire Dire is where they meet you for the first time.
  3. There is no “off” stage
  4. Make a favorable impression on jurors

Panel 3: Opening Statement – Overview, Demonstration, and Q&A

  1. Control is an attitude reflected in your voice and body language
  2. Read the room
  3. SILENCE IS YOUR FRIEND – don’t be afraid to pause or let the witness’ answer hang in the air

If you have not had the chance to take advantage of the CMBA’s great CLE programs, you’re missing out!  The Litigation Institute is an annual CLE put on the Bar Association and don’t’ miss the next one!