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May we introduce you to Ryan T. Winkler – a stand-out litigation defense attorney who focuses on product liability and mass tort claims at the law firm of Tucker Ellis.  If you are a fan of hockey, Ryan is the person to talk to.  Before becoming an attorney, Ryan worked for the NHL team, Arizona Coyotes.  He may not be working for a sports team at the moment, but we would bet he never left his love of sports behind.

Why was Ryan chosen for this panel? Mr. Winkler was chosen for the Litigation Institute’s panel because he has both state and federal court experience across the country litigating motor vehicle accidents for Fortune 300 companies (and so much more!).  The panel that Mr. Winkler worked on focused on lay witness examinations.  He and Chelsea Mikula (also from Tucker Ellis) worked together on this educational project for the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association.

We asked Ryan to tell us what point he thought especially helpful or important for attorneys to take away, and here is what he said.

” With respect to the topic of cross-examination, I think one of the most important points that was discussed was the reminder to not ask one question too many during impeachment. Once you have read the question and answer from the transcript or the particular text from the document to the witness, simply ask the witness whether you have read it correctly and stop. Avoid asking another question so that the witness has no wiggle room. Young lawyers often want to hit the homerun by asking another question, but it does not exist.”

This wise advice and so many more gems were in no short supply at the Litigation Institute.  If you didn’t have a chance to attend this year, make sure not to miss this CLE next year!