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It’s that time again!  Every 9 months the owners of Cady Reporting Services attend their favorite meeting of the year – the NNRC meeting!   As the owners of the elite court reporting firm, Cady Reporting, we want to do as much as we can to educate ourselves in all aspects of litigation services.  The NNRC is one of our best resources to educate, inspire and motivate all of us to stay on top of our game and the top court reporting firm in Cleveland, Ohio.

This month our meeting was held in quaint and beautiful Niagara-on-the-Lake.  Everybody loved the location! We all met at the Prince of Wales Hotel on Picton Street.  The hotel is one of Niagara-on-the-Lake’s oldest hotels, it celebrates its 155th year in 2019.  It is one of the most photographed hotels in Niagara, which is a well-deserved honor.  The property is kept up with meticulous attention to detail and everything always looks beautiful! All of the Victorian details are perfect, from the floor-to-ceiling stained glass mural to the perfect afternoon tea.

Our meeting was wonderful, as always.  We had two full days of learning together and we definitely managed to sprinkle some fun in as well!  We had presenters on so many topics: technology, marketing, new ways of making a record, and more.  At Cady Reporting, we agree with firm owners throughout the country: there is no better place to receive continuing education than the NNRC.  When we all come together, magic happens. Nothing can beat the positive energy and motivation brought by all members of the NNRC.  It’s a place where your best peers in the business answer any questions you have, drawing from a very deep well of experience.  Every time we come back from an NNRC trip, we can’t wait to put into practice all of the things we have learned!

The NNRC benefits our clients because it makes us aware of not only the newest technologies that help attorneys win their cases, but it also makes us aware of the culture shifts, the trends and the top issues facing both litigators and court reporters alike.  NNRC is the only group of its type, and at Cady Reporting, we are proud to be a part of it.

Because we’ve worked and played together for so long, we’re no longer just business partners. We refer to our NNRC partners as our family.  This family helps us provide the very best personal coverage in all parts of the country and also the world through our NNRC partners in Europe, Canada, and Hawaii.  All of the services that litigators need along with being treated like family wherever they go is a top priority to hundreds of our clients at Cady Reporting.  NNRC makes all of that happen.