1. Postoperative: during, relating to, or denoting the period following a surgical operation.

If we take the word postoperative apart we can tell exactly what it means.  The prefix word ‘post’ means after, and operative is pretty much self-explanatory meaning operation or surgery/procedure.  So the term postoperative refers to the period of time after the patient’s surgery.  This is an important time in the care of a patient.  The patient needs to be assessed for any complications and treated quickly.  This quick and careful process helps the patient heal properly and can reduce medical complications.  During a medical malpractice lawsuit that involves an operation, the postoperative care procedures will be thoroughly examined.

Our court reporters here at Cady Reporting Services have taken thousands of depositions. Some of them have involved surgeries and/or postoperative care issues.  When something goes wrong in a healthcare situation and a lawsuit ensues (bah doom ch!) these types of cases are referred to as medical malpractice cases, or medical malpractice litigation.  Our court reporters take depositions at all of the major Cleveland hospitals and their satellite offices in these ‘medmal’ cases.  The Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals and Metro Hospital are just a few of the places that our court reporters go to take medical malpractice depositions in and around Cleveland, Ohio.

If you’re a court reporter looking to spiff up their briefs for medical depositions, look no further!  Our court reporters here at Cady Reporting have shared their briefs with you to help our court reporter community continue to be an irreplaceable part of the litigation process.


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