Who is Kevin Kita?  besides being a Super Lawyer, he’s a very successful shareholder at the law firm of Sutter, O’Connell.  He defends businesses, insurers, and manufacturers in all different kinds of civil litigation.  He has also worked extensively in appeals. His main focus is on clients who need him to defend their companies in the realm of civil litigation.

Oh, you want more? You got it. Did you know he was an author?  LEXIS retained Mr. Kita to co-author a few chapters of it’s Ohio Insurance Litigation Guide.  Would you like to learn a few things from Kevin Kita? You’re in luck because he is an adjunct professor at the University of Akron School of Law.  His mock trial has been five regional championships, one national championship and finished as runner-up not once, but twice.  That is extremely impressive!  Akron Law school also has a summer trial practice academy. since 2015 when the academy was founded, Kevin has been a true leader.

From all of the accomplishments listed above, it’s easy to see why Mr. Kita was asked to join the 2019 Litigation Institute put on by the CMBA.  Mr. Kita was part of the presentation on Lay Witness Examinations.   When we asked Mr. Kita what his thoughts were on the value of the program, here is what he told us:

“I truly hope all in attendance were able to pull something of value from the presentation.  The audience was really a mixed bag of individuals who never tried cases in their lives, those who had some experience but no formal training, and experienced attorneys seeking CLE hours.  That being said, I’ve found there is always something you can learn from another’s experience – especially when it comes to trial presentation.  Nothing should go unexamined.  Every choice should be deliberate and prepared to the extent reasonably possible.  This is one point that I think we can all benefit from regardless of our personal “style.”

Mr. Kita and other highly regarded attorneys shared their wisdom and “style” at the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association’s 2019 Litigation Institute.  Cady Reporting was very happy to sponsor it and help all attorneys bring their passion to litigation. If you missed it this year, make sure to attend next year!