stool: /sto͞ol/ – a piece of feces.
Stool is the common term in medicine/science for feces (poop).  This is the solid waste matter left after food is digested.  The stool will form in the intestines, it’s then passed out of the body through the anus.  Fun stuff, right?  Well, as gross as chatting about stool is, it’s an important indication of our internal health and can warn us quickly if something is wrong.
To make it even better, many terms for a-typical stool correlate to food.  Some of these terms are current jelly stool, milk stool, pea soup stool, and rabbit stool.
In health care, stool samples are requested for testing.  The samples can help doctors diagnose the presence of a medical condition.  After being tested, the stool sample can also eliminate certain medical conditions from the diagnosis of the patient.
Check the chart below to see what your stool tells you:
Image result for poop infographic