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“Growing up in the northern reaches of Manhattan, artist and sculptor Freedom Baird spent much of her youth clambering up the trees at Inwood Hill and Fort Tryon parks. Perched on trees’ upper branches, Baird would read books and savor the quiet. There, enveloped by lush greenery, a respect for nature was kindled.

Though the Cambridge-based creative has left the winding paths of those beloved parks behind, her reverence for and commitment to the environment remains and consistently cuts through her body of work. She’s spent her career creating objects, outdoor installations and sculptures that often focus on the intersection of humans and nature.”

Click here to visit WBUR, whose article on an Arlington art installation spotlights artist Freedom Baird who wants us to stop and think about where our items come from and the environmental impact they have.

Here at Cady Reporting, we are founding members of the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association’s Green Initiative Committee.  We have also pioneered green litigation support in Cleveland, and nationwide through the NNRC.  If you need a court reporter or any other litigation support service during the duration of your litigation, call a company who gives top priority to going green.

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