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“Your environment should support how you feel, what you think, and how you behave to accomplish your goals”   

-Deena Baikowitz

We all work hard at our desk, on our computer or other devices. To stay focused, motivated, and distraction-free, you need to create a work environment personalized to how you work best. First, ask yourself about you – analyze your work habits. Do you work best in a quiet space or a busy coffee shop? Maybe you think most clearly with a creative and cluttered space or perhaps a perfectly clean desk? Whatever is best for you, that is what you should do. I have found that I work best with my headphones on, they keep me focused as I tend to get distracted by people talking or other noisy activities around me. 

Your desk or workspace doesn’t make up your whole work environment. What you see, hear, smell, and feel all play a part as well. Consider your music. Music plays such an enormous role in our lives. Is there a particular style of music that helps you stay focused? If you’d like a genre to try out for music to stay focused, try listening to video game soundtracks. They have been scientifically designed with scientists to keep the brain focused on the game – or for you to stay focused on your work. Spotify is a fantastic free resource for music that I highly recommend. Get a candle or fragrance-item that you really love.  I highly recommend Lampe Berger for fragrance products.  I use mine all the time.  Check them out here.

Make sure your desk is organized or at least organized to you :). Our visual space is a massive part of what makes us motivated, focused, and happy. Is there any inspirational quote that keeps you moving? Maybe your favorite family photo reminds you of what you’re working for. Whatever the case may be, put your visual motivator where you can see it regularly. You can also switch it up once in awhile – always keep it fresh! (If you’re looking for a way to keep your desktop fresh, check out our #wallpaperwednesday blog posts.)

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