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Credit: Travel + Leisure

Travel is difficult for any type of professional. Packing up your things and hauling them to a new place is always draining, no matter how long the trip.

A recent article by the New York Times illustrated some great ways to make travel painless with a few must-haves for frequent travelers.  Whether you’re traveling across the state or the country, these tips will help make your travels a little easier.

Have a portable charger

Sometimes, it can be difficult to locate an outlet to plug in while waiting for your flight at an airport. If you’re traveling by car, this is doubly as difficult. When you’re packing your bags, make sure you bring along an external battery. There are cheap options you can purchase at a drug store, or more heavy-duty solutions with multiple jacks. Some are even solar-powered, allowing your device to charge up without being plugged in.

Purchase a white noise machine/app

Many people have trouble sleeping on airplanes and even just new locations. If you struggle getting some sleep in hotel rooms, white machines can help solve the problem. A white noise machine can drown out the unfamiliar sounds that keep you awake at night, lulling you into a more restful sleep.

Compression Socks

When you’re stuck in a seat all day– be it through driving or on a flight– compression socks can help keep your circulation properly flow. It’s always good to get up and walk around, if only for a few minutes, but when that isn’t possible compression socks do help.

To learn some more tips, visit the New York Times.