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Do you have depositions outside of Cleveland, outside of Ohio, outside of the United States even? Cady Reporting has placed itself in a unique position to handle those litigation support needs in the best possible way. We have personal relationships with litigation support owners around the country, and around the world.  Every 9 months we meet each other personally and learn and grow together.  We are true and genuine friends.  The more we care about each other, the more we care about each other’s clients.

We have left our clients in our partners’ capable hands hundreds of times. Each time our client goes to one of our NNRC partners, we know that our client is being taken care of as well as we would take care of a client in our offices.

No matter where you’re from, you can call Cady Reporting in Cleveland, Ohio. Every day we schedule depositions for clients around the world.  Call us if you would rather have a trusted court reporter rather than leaving it to Google.