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The world of law is fast-paced and rapidly changing, making the internet a fantastic tool for attorneys. When an attorney needs to research something, they have millions of pages of information at their fingertips. With such a high reliance on technology, it makes sense that attorneys and paralegals would expect and require the best of the best litigation support technology from their court reporting firms.

This expectation boils all the way down to the function of the court reporting firm’s website. If a website isn’t easy to navigate and intuitive, it can scare away potential business. Along with a sleek design, court reporting firms need to learn to incorporate online services into their site.

A significant point of sale is the ability to schedule a litigation service anywhere, anytime, through an online scheduling portal. Sometimes attorneys don’t have time in a regular nine to five schedule to contact a court reporting firm with a call and set up a service. Online scheduling eliminates this and many other problems. Here are some pros to scheduling a court reporting, or any other litigation support service, through an online scheduling service.

  • Clear information: Sometimes, it’s not easy to figure out exactly what information a court reporting firm needs to schedule your service. On the online scheduling form, everything the client needs is laid out clear as day.
  • Fast: By filling in basic information on their case and themselves, attorneys can schedule a service in a matter of minutes.
  • Mobile-friendly: Since the form is compatible with any smartphone, attorneys can schedule a service anywhere. Whether in line for coffee or finishing up work at home, as long as they have their case information, attorneys can schedule any services.
  • Available 24/7: Attorneys can schedule a litigation service any time, any day of the week by providing their case information.

Scheduling a litigation support service from a firm you trust has never been easier. To book your next court reporting, videography service, conference room, or any other litigation service, contact us today!