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Cady Court Reporting in Cleveland, Ohio wants to send a big thank you to Rachel Maddow for giving a beautiful and much-deserved shoutout to all of the hard-working court reporters out there. Thank you for appreciating our work!  Watch it here:

“I do want to end with a special shoutout to all the court reporters out there.  It is really hard to get detailed, perfect court transcripts turned around same-day so that we in the news media can read from them on the same day that court proceedings happen to let the public know what happened. They’re usually aren’t cameras or even recording devices in federal courts. And when something important happens in the federal courts, it takes not a computer but a human a really, really hard days’ work to get that stuff turned around so that we can present that material on tv and you can get the next best thing to being there. Thank you to all the court reporters.  Some day I will be reincarnated as one if I’m really good in this life.”