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Across the nation, local governments are taking initiative and shutting down non-essential businesses to keep people safe from the spread of coronavirus, or COVID-19. As it is highly contagious, it is safer for the general public to work from home if possible. The same goes for all sorts of legal professionals– from attorneys, to paralegals, to court reporters.

With so much of an attorney’s work done in face-to-face meetings with clients and legal teams, getting anything done may seem like an impossible feat. This is why videoconferencing is such a crucial tool. It allows everyone to “be there” without leaving the safety of their home.

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Our mobile videoconferencing makes meeting “face-to-face” more convenient than ever. As along as there is a stable internet connection, hosting a meeting with an entire legal team is possible. Clients can connect with any Apple or Windows device, and our staff is there for any connection and troubleshooting problems that may arise. Just call us with any concerns.

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Schedule a Zoom Deposition here: http://cadyreporting.com/schedule-a-service/  (in location, just put “Zoom” and will set up everything at no charge!)