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You did it!  That little thing that you didn’t really want to do.  Maybe it was something that might seem insignificant to you, but don’t be so dismissive of your wonderful self.  An achievement of any size is something that you should be proud of.  Maybe you went outside today when you really just wanted to stay on the couch, maybe you vacuumed that rug in your kitchen – that’s awesome!  When we take pride in what we have done and accomplished, no matter what size it is, we can chase away the frustrations and disappointments that come with the high (too high) of standards we often set for ourselves.  When we stop to realize all the little wins we have in a day, it can add to a larger sense of pride and accomplishment.  Those 2 feelings add so much value to our lives, we don’t want to miss them.

Especially in these unprecedented and frightening times, negative emotions can set in.  They have a tendency to become bigger than life.  If we chase them away by acknowledging our small accomplishments throughout the day, our mood and our tone can become one of motivation, self confidence and positivity.  What wins did you have today?