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Going from face-to-face depositions to online depositions can be a big adjustment for the whole team. A supportive environment is key in helping everyone transition to the new way of collaborating. Look to your law firm team members, and your litigation support company for the support you need.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like some help or just some support in making this new situation work for you.

  • Give yourself time to adjust.

            You are used to interacting in a certain way. When you change the way you’re used to doing things, it’s not easy.  Sometimes, what’s easy is getting frustrated quickly with yourself and others, and then just giving up. Mentally prepare yourself in the beginning by realizing that you can absolutely do this, it just needs to be at your own pace. If you find yourself getting irritated, just take a break. Breaks are allowed (and recommended)!

  • Join a practice session.

            Cady Reporting has techs available to take you through a free, personalized tutorial on Zoom. We hope you schedule with us, but even if you do not, we can set you up with a practice session where you can get comfortable with all the features.  You can decide what you want to use and not use. You can see how you will look during the deposition, how your client will look, what backgrounds you like best. We can take you through different scenarios to put your mind at ease and get you comfortable with the technology.

  • Focus.

            Our brains don’t like multitasking. To get your arms around this new ‘normal’, dedicate a specified amount to time to learning the new remote deposition technology, whatever it may be.  Cady Reporting uses Zoom with upgraded security features. When you dedicate a chunk of time (even a small one) to just getting comfortable with remote depositions, your brain won’t get burnt out.


To schedule your free Zoom 101 tutorial, please contact Cady Reporting here.  We will be happy to walk you through the Zoom remote deposition process and take as much (or as little) time as you need. Our clients have said they have “learned a lot” from them, and the tutorials are “extremely helpful”.  We hope to hear from you.  Now go and take a break!