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Welcome to the new normal…at least for now.  We have been helping our clients switch their depositions to Zoom (for free!) and they are having great success!  One of the biggest steps to having a successful remote deposition is simply having the confidence to do it. As Cleveland’s best court reporters, we are making sure that Cleveland attorneys have the resources they need to feel 100% confident in taking their depositions remotely. Whether you choose to schedule with Cady court reporters or not (obviously, you hope you do lol!) we are scheduling free Zoom 101 classes that teach you all of the ins and outs of a successful remote deposition.  Once you’re comfortable with the program, there are several other things that you can do on your end to make sure everything goes wonderfully!  Click the links below for more information on each part of our Remote Depositions checklist.

(more articles coming!)

  1. Easing into the process
  2. The New Process of Remote Depositions
  3. Equipment Check
  4. Dressing for Zoom Depositions
  5. Settings and Backgrounds
  6. Remote Deposition Etiquette
  7. Properly Ending the Meeting
  8. What Your Court Reporter Needs
  9. Free In-Person courses