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How do you dress for remote depositions? Well, the good news is you can definitely keep on the fuzzy slippers. Even the sweatpants, probably acceptable.  Most people don’t see our bottom half when we’re on screen.  But let’s back up.

Dressing for a meeting or deposition via Zoom or other remote deposition software should (mostly) imitate what you would wear to the actual meeting or deposition.  Would you go to court to appear before a judge wearing your pajamas? Or a bikini perhaps? Probably not. When there is a court meeting, or a remote deposition taking place, you would want to dress the same as you would in person…with a few exceptions. Remote depositions, meetings, cocktail hours and so much more are replacing in-person interactions to keep the Coronavirus as contained as possible. Does your wardrobe need to be similarly contained? Not really! Embrace the mullet. Well, not the actual mullet but what it stands for – business in front, party in the back. To make it more specific to today’s topic – business on top, party on the bottom.

For bottoms, you can stick to what’s comfortable.  Leggings, Joggers, sweats, etc. We personally recommend that they be a solid color, or close to it.  There are times you need to get up during the meeting or deposition so there is always a chance that people will see what you’re wearing. Regardless of what kind of pants you have on, (yes, pants are definitely recommended Mr. Reeve) a solid color will look appropriate.  For ladies, one of my favorite options is a comfortable pair of black lounge or palazzo pants.

On top, only a little more effort is needed.  The most important part of your Zoom wardrobe can still be comfy. If you normally dress up in a suit (like if you are appearing before a Judge) then maybe a comfy button-down would be appropriate.  I have opted for soft, unlined blazers over the structured variety. Pop one of those babies on over your soft tee and you look Zoom-ready in no time! We recommend veering away from graphic tees, shirts with logos on them, and other overly-casual tops.  This judge was not to happy to have bathing suits and bare chests on his meeting!

Looking for a way to dress up your more casual (but oh-so-comfy) top, throw on a soft pashmina, scarf or some cute earrings or other jewelry. Below, you will see some capsule wardrobe examples that we put together to give you some ideas of how easily mix and match a small number of wardrobe pieces into a variety of outfits.

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