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I’m sure you are all becoming quite used to remote depositions by now.  Whether you are or not, here are some great tips to get you settled into the new process easily.

Check yo’ self!

  1. Do you have the proper connections and equipment?
    1.  Hard line to the internet (wifi will of course work, but it is prone to connection issues so hard wiring into the internet is recommended for the best, seamless experience.) You will also need a webcam and audio connection. You can use any laptop that has these features, or any smart device to connect.
  2. Submit your exhibits.
    1. Normally you just bring your exhibits to the deposition, right? Well, now the best thing to do is to provide them in advance so everyone has access to them for the deposition. No messy portals, pods or other online hassles.  You can just email them to our staff and we can get them where they need to go. We also offer free training for participating attorneys to share their own exhibits over Zoom during the deposition easily.
  3. Does your webcam work? How about your audio?
    1. It’s a great idea to test those pieces of equipment and make sure everything works before your depo.  Cady is happy to help you with any tests you may need to do.
  4. Know your stuff
    1. Zoom has more features that you may not know about, but can be extremely helpful to attorneys during their deposition.  Contact us at cadystaff@cadyreporting.com or call 330.697.6115 and we will answer all of your questions and show you the great features that Zoom offers.

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