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Let’s do a quick check of your equipment.  You will need the following for a virtual deposition:

  1. Laptop, iPad, computer or other device that has a camera, microphone and can connect to wifi.  If you don’t have a device that has a camera and/or microphone, there are other options. (Cameras are recommended, but not required. A witness or attorney can call into a Zoom meeting and attend by audio only.)
  2. Stable internet connection.  If you are able to connect via a computer that is hardwired to the internet, this is the best option.  Wifi can be unstable at times. A strong or weak internet connection will effect your deposition.

Well…that’s pretty much it! It’s really very easy.  Zoom depositions (some people call them remote depositions, or virtual depositions) do not require a lot of equipment.  They are accessible to both you and your witness.

If you are looking to really pump up your audio or video capabilities, there are some options that you can purchase to so. The ones that are compatible with Zoom are all listed here.

There are many ways for witnesses and clients to join a virtual deposition.  If you want to talk to our specialist please contact us to set up a time.  Our clients and many others have benefited by taking just a few minutes to run through the features with our tech to have the best deposition possible.