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Empathy, sympathy, and pity – how do these 3 small yet powerful words affect your argument? How do they affect the jury?  Click the article below that discusses these words and how they are used, and ask yourself, “Which of these can I apply to my opening and closing arguments?” “How does what I say affect the jury?”  Understanding these 3 words and the effect they have on others can wield power in the courtroom

I want to have more power!

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Cady Reporting is here to offer any assistance that we can to those in the legal community that need litigation support services.  Our main goal is to take the stress off of attorneys, paralegals, and other office staff by providing top of the line court reporting, transcripts, legal video, and other services.  Our court reporters personally cover the state of Ohio.  Every day we schedule court reporters and other litigation support professionals all over the world through our exclusive partner network, the NNRC (National Network Reporting Company).