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Do you need to take a deposition in Elyria, Ohio? If you are looking to hold a deposition in Elyria, Ohio and you need a court reporter to cover it, we want you to know that we are available to schedule everything attorneys need to hold a deposition.

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Elyria is a city in the Greater Cleveland Metropolitan area and is located in Lorain County, Ohio.  It’s approximately 23 miles southwest of Cleveland.  If you’re looking to send some mail there, or are giving directions to the deposition, the zip code is 44035.

Our court reporters cover many medically related depositions in Elyria because it is where the University Hospitals Elyria Medical center is located.  The conference rooms at the hospital are used for expert depositions, medical malpractice cases, and many other types of meetings both legal and medical.  Our court reporters have taken many technical and difficult depositions there, and are truly experts when it comes to these types of cases.

Elyria, Ohio is also home to many other businesses and worldwide headquarters.  Some of them include Invacare, Ridge Tool Company, Diamond Products, Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems, and more.  Elyria is also home to the Lorain County Community College, or LCCC for short, and all of their public schools are under the Elyria School District.

There are many ways to get to areas around Elyria.  For one, the city is easily accessible by many different highways.  If you are going to Elyria from the east, you can take 480 (to 80), you can also take 90, you can get on 80 and stay on until you get to Elyria.  If you are traveling to Elyria from the west, 90 is going to be your biggest highway and most likely the fastest route. However, there are multiple state routes that can take you directly into Elyria if you don’t want to travel on the highway.

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