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Guest Post Author: Sheila La Civita


Check Out Some Qualities to Gauge a Good Product Liability Lawyer

Having a product liability lawyer can help you in difficult cases where you’re trying to prove that a company is liable for your injury. These can be tricky waters to get through, and you need to have a reliable attorney to help you navigate. Here are some qualities to look for in a product liability lawyer.


Good Experience With Your Type of Case

Your product liability lawyer is someone who has expertise in a specific type of law. You don’t want a general attorney because they may not have any experience in handling product liability cases. On the other hand, your product liability attorney has battled insurance companies and big corporations, so they know what you’re up against.


They know what type of casework needs to be done in regards to defective products. They can also give good advice about what you can do to help make things go smoother. They can tell you the type of litigation category your case falls under:


Faulty design – the harm came from a defective design.

Defective manufacturing – the creation, production, and assembly are at fault.

False advertisement – no labels warning you of side effects or hazards of using a product.

When you have someone experienced on your side, it’ll help you get a more favorable outcome.



Another quality that you need in a lawyer is honesty. You want someone who you can trust even when things look bleak. They won’t get your hopes up if the situation doesn’t look good.


However, they will also be confident in doing the best they can to help your situation. If things need to come to a settlement, they’ll let you know that’s the best way to go to get you some compensation.



You need a lawyer who responds quickly to your inquiries and makes sure that you get the attention you deserve. You need someone who’ll answer their phone after hours and give you contact information to speak with them directly. Not to mention, you want someone who’s able to advance your case through all of the legal jargon in the best way possible.

Your product liability lawyer sees your case as a priority and doesn’t take on too many clients while helping you get ready for court proceedings.


When choosing a product liability attorney, make sure that he’s trustworthy, knowledgeable, and patient to help you get through your case successfully.