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Offering Court Reporting Services for All Areas of Practice Including Business and Corporate Law

Cady Reporting offers the latest in state-of-the-art realtime reporting, legal video, trial support and conference hosting!

Cady Reporting Clients Come From All Areas of Practice

Cady Reporting offers unparalleled experience with cases in corporate and business law. Our clients in this area of practice often require extensive documents relating to the litigation of cases and mergers and acquisitions.

As Cleveland, Ohio’s most-trusted and oldest independently-operated court reporting firm, Cady is proud to offer its full range of services, from videography and videoconferencing to meeting hosting and real time reporting when a case requires depositions or a trial.

Our team of certified reporters is especially experienced with the nuances, verbiage and customs of corporate law practice for law offices and attorneys.

  • Personal Injury Law

  • Business Law

  • Sports Law

  • Copyright Infringement Law

  • Tax Law

  • Real Estate Law

  • International Law

  • Criminal Law

  • Family Law

  • Corporate Law

  • Maritime Law

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