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Frequently Asked Questions

How do steno-machine keyboards work?

Stenographs are small devices that look like laptops. They are utilized by court reporters to record what is said in a deposition or courtroom as it is being said so it can be read for future use. To maximize typing speed, these machines are built phonetically. Reporters muse press multiple keys at once to ensure proper sound and inflection is properly notated.

How many words can court reporters type per minute?

In order to pass certification, court reporters must be able to type at least 225 words per minute, and retain an overall accuracy rate of 97.5%.

How to become a certified court reporter?

A certification of completion from a state-recognized court reporting program must be achieved, but in some states, you must also pass the National Court Reporting Association’s (NCRA) Registered Professional Reporter (RPR) examination. Some states require that reporters be licensed specifically in the state of their employment. Many court reporters go the extra mile to further their education and receive additional certifications– be they realtime reporting, or higher speed examinations, making them more marketable.

Will court reporters be replaced by recording devices?

Recording devices have existed since the late 1800s, yet court reporters are continually relied upon for their ability to accurately read a room and record what is said, how it is said, and why it is important, as well as distinguishing between accents. Court reporters can format proceeding both digitally and in a text format. It appears court reporters won’t be going anywhere for a while.





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